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Mission Statement and Values

Mission Statement

The mission of In Motion Counseling is to provide culturally affirming, trauma-informed care for women and teens. We promote mental health and provide quality care to clients and families of all backgrounds in our community. Our vision is to inspire change through services that improve the overall health of our community. We are committed to decreasing the mental health stigma and closing the gap between our community and the healthcare system.


Compassion, Curiosity, Collaboration and Community

Compassion - At In Motion Counseling, we value showing kindness, respect and a willingness to take action to help those facing difficult challenges. Quality of service is of utmost importance and we treat all clients/families with respect and apply an intersectional lens. We value meeting clients where they are by being aware of our own biases and areas of growth. We also prioritize our understanding of what it means to be human in

Curiosity - We approach treatment with curiosity by asking meaningful questions and actively listening to better understand your life experiences. We are continuously learning and adapting to the needs of our clients. We practice humility by recognizing you are the expert of your life and we enjoy learning from you. We also explore new skills, concepts or theories to provide the best possible service.

Collaborative - We enjoy working with our team of clinicians to foster encouragement and support of our personal and professional goals. We do this by creating a safe environment for our team to process challenges and celebrate strengths. We equally enjoy creating synergy amongst clients and their families by encouraging connection and improving communication.

Community - We love feeling connected to our cultures by focusing on diversity, inclusion, and belonging. We are people of color. We are first generation. We practice community involvement by attending local events, volunteering, and sponsoring local charities. We enjoy being a visible representation in the community and being a resource for families. We also intentionally link our clients to resources available to them. We continuously identify the needs in our community so we can respond appropriately to those needs.

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