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Rebeca Romero

Licensed Social Worker (LSW)
Rebeca is a bilingual, Latina therapist who is excited to be a part of their Client’s therapeutic journey as they continue to grow.


Rebeca is a Licensed Social Worker. She received her Master’s in Social Work at DePaul University.

She has worked with elementary school students to teach them life skills and self-esteem. In addition, she also worked with college students to help them navigate their anxieties through the school semester.

She has experience working with adolescents and adults in private practice. Additionally, she has worked with individuals who have experienced sexual violence, anxiety, depression, interpersonal and self-esteem issues. Rebeca enjoys meeting her clients where they are and encourages them to be a part of their therapeutic journey. She likes using a client-centered approach and brainspotting.

In her spare time, Rebeca enjoys going to concerts and going to food festivals. She enjoys exploring outdoor music venues and traveling out of the state. She loves taking nature walks surrounded by greenery while listening to podcasts.


  • Teens
  • Families
  • Women


  • Master’s in Social Work at DePaul University

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