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Welcome to In Motion Counseling

At In Motion Counseling we believe in:

The mind body connection

Your own natural ability to heal yourself

Your own ability to grow learn and move forward

We work with individuals who want to:

Act, do and change

Gain more skills and tools

Try (whatever that means to you)

We do “action” based counseling that can include:

Talking & Thinking

Walking & Breathing (very important)

And other fun stuff

Lastly, we always hope to be of service. Please feel free to reach out to us if we can help you in any way.

Work With Us

In Motion Counseling PLLC, is a private group practice by women for women, their children, and partners. We offer CBT, DBT, and behavioral activation to individuals, couples, and families. We offer affordable, accessible, and culturally affirming services to those who would otherwise not be able to access services.

We are a multiculturally affirming and an equal opportunity employer. Women, clinicians of color, parents, differently-abled clinicians and LGBTQ clinicians are welcome and affirmed. In Motion Counseling is dedicated to supporting mental health providers.

In Motion Counseling is hiring trauma-informed clinicians for both full-time and part-time positions.Therapist must have a niche(s) (children, couples, trauma, EMDR, family, etc.) and be willing to market themselves to grow their referral base and recognition in the community as needed or appropriate. Candidate must be independent, driven, and collaborative. Candidate will be employee/W2 status.

Please send your cover letter and resume to

Not pictured Dr. Carmen Ochoa- Galindo

Have you been struggling with changes in your life? Feeling unlike yourself? Counseling can provide a safe, confidential space to talk about whatever is heavy on your heart or mind. Sometimes we just need to say our thoughts out loud to a non judgemental ear.
Sandra provides reflecting counseling and therapy to individuals, and families.

Bell - A perfect theme

Individual therapy for teens and adults

Yoga Nidra Guided Relaxation

Consejeria en Espanol

Video/Online Sessions
(for residents of IL only)

Walk and Talk Therapy

Unsure about sitting in an office? We get that! We offer walk and talk counseling sessions to take the pressure off “talking”. Maybe you’ve tried traditional therapy in the past and are looking to try something different.

Research shows that “behavioral activation” (a fancy way of saying get your body moving) is one of the best ways to combat and prevent depression. Let’s take our sessions outdoors, get some fresh air and move both physically and emotionally.

Let us walk side by side with you.

Online Video Sessions Available

You’ve thought about talking to someone but have a very busy schedule. Maybe you are a college student and only have two or three hour breaks in between classes and aren’t sure you can make it to an appointment. Do you hate driving, don’t drive or struggle to find childcare?

We understand!

That is why we offer Online Video Sessions (also called telehealth sessions). It is very easy to use and doesn’t require any additional programs or downloads. All you need is an internet ready device and you are good to go. This service is only for residents of IL. Please contact us for a free 15 minute consultation if you would like to try it, without commitments.

Sesiones de video en línea disponibles

Has pensado en hablar con alguien pero tienes un horario muy ocupado. Tal vez eres un estudiante universitario y solo tienes dos o tres horas entre clases y no estas seguro de poder asistir a una cita. Quizas no tienes transporte o no hay un terapueta que habla tu idiolma cerca de ti.

¡Lo Entendemos!

Es por eso que ofrecemos sesiones de video en línea (también llamadas sesiones de telesalud). Es muy fácil de usar y no requiere ningún programa o descarga adicional. Todo lo que necesita es un aparato listo con una coneccion de Internet y es todo. Este servicio es solo para las personas que viven en el estado de Illinois.. Por favor contáctenos para una consulta gratuita de 15 minutos si quieres probarlo, sin compromisos.

Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions

What is telehealth?
Telehealth, also called teletherapy or e-counseling, is receiving therapy virtually. We use a HIPAA compliant platform called where all you have to do is click on the link at your scheduled time to “see” your therapist. It is just like using any other app that allows for live face to face over the internet communication (facetime, whatsapp, snapchat). All you need is a secure internet connection and an internet ready device.

How do you take care of the paperwork?
We will email you a link to our secure client portal via Simple Practice, where you will be able to fill out and read all of your intake documents. All your documents and information are stored in your client portal.

How do you handle payment?
We use another HIPAA compliant payment processor. We will send you a text message to sign up for Ivy Pay and charge your card after your visit. We do not have access to your credit card information. We are only allowed to charge your card.

Does it work?
OF COURSE! Research shows that telehealth visits are just as effective as in person visits.

What are the benefits of telehealth?
You save time driving to and from an office. You can come “as you are” from the comfort of your home or office or anywhere you choose. You don’t have to worry about childcare or leaving your fur babies alone. Teletherapy is a safe alternative to face to face sessions during state issued quarantine and/or to follow social distancing recommendations. Lastly, e-counseling is a way to continue to receive support during an uncertain or difficult time. We are here to listen and hold space for you.

Have any more questions? Please reach out to and we will be happy to answer them.

Schedule an appointment with one of our professionals.

For more information on bringing this training to your school, organization or community, please contact us.

About our Staff

“Sandra is an exceptional and knowledgeable LCSW supervisor, her passion is demonstrated throughout her teaching. I’ve been very blessed to have learned so much during our time of Supervision. Thanks Sandra for always being a person of integrity and for your consistent desire to continue to help those you supervise” – R (former supervisee, shared with permission)

Sandra Montes

Sandra Montes is a bilingual, Latina therapist and the owner of In Motion Counseling. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who received her education at Loyola University Chicago. She holds Professional Educator License in the state of IL (formerly Type 73) and is a certified alcohol and other drug counselor (CADC). She is also a Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

Sandra has worked with children, adolescents and adults in a variety of settings from inpatient units to a community mental health settings. Using a trauma-informed lens, Sandra has helped clients with depression, anxiety, and stress management. Sandra is a firm believer in strength based perspective and cognitive behavioral therapy. Sandra also believes in a spiritual and holistic perspective in therapy. She also has a focus on behavioral activation or “moving” helping clients become motivated to move their physical bodies to feel relief for their emotional states.

Sandra provides supervision to MSWs looking to become licensed clinicians. She is registered with NASW-IL as an approved clinical supervisor and provides reflective, culturally informed supervision towards licensure for MSW graduates. She has experience in case consultation and developing mental heath programming.

Sandra enjoys running and has completed several half marathons. She has coached and helped clients go from couch to 5k and beyond. She has special interest in helping clients address their emotional barriers in weight loss and weight management.

Amanda Stephans

Amanda Stephans is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota and her Master of Social Work from Loyola University Chicago. Amanda has worked with teens and adults with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, life transitions, stress and anger management. She has also worked with children and adolescents from several backgrounds from group homes to community-based settings.

Amanda is a strong advocate of using cognitive behavioral therapy and a strength-based perspective in practice to help individuals develop the techniques, solutions, and answers to overcome obstacles, heal, and become the best versions of themselves they can be. Through a trauma-informed lens, she knows that understanding an individual’s life experience is essential in delivering effective care. Through therapy she helps to empower the individual and works to create a safe and welcoming space for all to be successful.

Amanda is an avid football fan and currently lives in the suburbs of Chicago and has a golden retriever named Kona. She hopes to train Kona as a therapy dog to help communities cope with trauma, grief and stress.

Dr. Carmen Ochoa Galindo

Carmen is a bilingual, Latina therapist. She is a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC) and has her Doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University. She has also completed 40-hour certified training for both domestic violence and sexual assault. Carmen has worked with a number of at-risk populations, providing individual, group, and family therapy to children, adolescents, and adults for almost 15 years in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Carmen’s past experiences include working with individuals who experienced anxiety, depression, behavioral/school problems, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other significant trauma. She uses different therapeutic approaches, including solution-focused, cognitive behavioral, andclient-centered practices with a strength-based perspective. She fosters a healthy and strong therapeutic alliance to create a genuine and collaborative client-clinician relationship.

Carmen works to establish a non-judgmental and communicative space with all her clients and guide and support them with their treatment goals. She has a passion for working with children and adolescents, who don’t always feel heard or understood. Carmen utilizes play and art therapy techniques with these clients and works with them so they can find their voice, inner strength, and confidence to be heard.Additionally, Carmen has over 10 years of experience teaching psychology and counseling courses at both undergraduate and graduate level.

In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her family, which consists of her husband, twin toddler daughters and her three shar-pei dogs, as well as doing yoga, reading, and going to concerts.

Odalinda Avila-Trivino

Odalinda Avila-Trivino (Linda), LPC, CTY-200 is a female Latina counselor, an avid runner, and a yoga instructor. She has practiced in various environments in the community for more than 20 years. She is an accomplished and energetic therapist with a solid history of achievement in the behavioral health field. Her areas of expertise include behavioral health counseling, assessment and diagnosis of psychiatric and substance use issues, child & adolescent, grief & bereavement, trauma, Latino mental health, and crisis intervention.

Her counseling style is a person-centered, nonjudgmental, compassion-focused, and integrative approach. Focusing on strengths, building on them, and helping move towards the values are valuable to the client. She approaches the counseling relationship with collaboration between the therapist and the client in a safe, trusting space. The treatment is personalized to the client’s needs; it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. The ultimate goal is to help the client learn tools to use and make decisions on their own.

Linda entered yoga to be mindful of the mind and body connection especially, as a runner, and to grow spiritually. Her yoga practice led her to the path of studying trauma-sensitive yoga. Her goal is to give back to her community by sharing the benefits of yoga and counseling for health and wellbeing. Her classes draw from the framework of breathing, gentle-stretching, and movements, mindfulness, personal choice and creation of resources, positive coping skills, and meditative and restorative yoga.

Linda uses mindfulness running as a personal practice to process and improve low-mood, anxiety, stress, and depression. She found the routine therapeutic and turned to it as a means of self-soothing.

Savannah Ortiz

Savannah Ortiz is an enthusiastic, female therapist. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Developmental Psychology at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and a Master’s in Social Work with a sub-specialization in Group Work from Loyola University Chicago. Savannah holds Professional Educator License in the state of IL and completed a 20-week certified training in Trauma-Informed Care and Collaborative Change Model. She also is certified in Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress (SPARCS), a curriculum-based in Mindfulness practice, Distress Tolerance, and Psychoeducation.

Savannah has experience working with at-risk youth, adults, and families in settings including community mental health centers and schools. Savannah has supported clients through various stages of life including grief, experiences of violence, depression, anxiety, and support in parenting. She approaches therapy from a Strengths-Based, Trauma-Informed lens while utilizing Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing techniques. Savannah believes therapy is a partnership between herself and her clients. She brings experience in therapeutic practice, while the client brings expertise in their life experiences and future goals. Savannah strives to provide support to individuals and improve quality of life as defined by her client. She values therapy as being a place where her client feels safe and supported.

When Savannah is not meeting with her clients at In Motion Counseling, she enjoys working as a School Social Worker supporting students with disabilities and developing school-based mental health services. Savannah also has a passion for Social Work Group Work and is a co-researcher at Loyola University Chicago researching the importance, need, and value of a Social Work Group Work curriculum in higher education.

In her spare time, Savannah enjoys running and recently completed her first marathon. She also enjoys spending time with family, cuddling on the couch with her cat, Spirit, listening to Podcasts, and spending time in nature.

Melissa Carrillo

Melissa Carrillo is a bilingual, Latina therapist. She received her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Lewis University with a concentration in Children and Adolescents. Melissa has experience working with children, at-risk youth, adults, LGBTQ and families in settings including inpatient and community mental health services. Melissa has supported clients and families experiencing mental health and behavioral challenges by providing a warm and empathic approach. Melissa has provided psychoeducation and facilitated group therapy sessions on depression, anxiety, grief and trauma. She uses a variety of therapeutic approaches, including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Strengths-Based and Client Centered. Melissa values the importance of deep connection and assisting clients in exploring issues, gaining self-awareness and developing the skills to overcome life challenges. Melissa believes all clients have innate strengths and therapy offers the space for clients to achieve their full potential.

Melissa believes children and teens of all abilities, experiences and backgrounds deserve access to a holistic counselor. She values advocacy and is a founding member of the chapter at Lewis University Counselors for Social Justice. Melissa has also received a Culture of Philanthropy Award for her efforts in inspiring others to perform at their best.

In her spare time, Melissa enjoys scrapbooking, adult-coloring, and improving her hair and makeup skills by watching YouTube tutorials. She also enjoys spending time with her family, especially watching action and adventure movies with her husband.

In Motion Counseling in Motion

I spoke to staffers in D.C

Our team had the pleasure of speaking about the importance of mental health in our countries capital.

A few of the many past events we like to get involved in.

Rates & Insurance

We are in-network with most Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Blue Choice plans, Cigna and Aetna.

Many plans offer out-of-network benefits where insurance will pay a portion of the session. If you’d like to utilize your out-of-network benefits for sessions please contact the number found on the back of your card to find out reimbursement. You will be responsible for the full fee at the time of the appointment and I can provide you with a super bill to submit to insurance for reimbursement.

We are unable to submit claims directly to insurance plans we are not in network with.

We do not verify benefits

Clients are responsible for the cost of services rendered

If you do not have insurance, please contact us about our accessible and affordable self pay rate. Send us a note at

Participamos en la red con la mayoría del seguro médico de Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO y Blue Choice y Cigna y Aetna.

Muchos planes ofrecen beneficios fuera de la red donde el seguro pagará una parte de la sesión. Si desea utilizar sus beneficios fuera de la red para las sesiones, comuníquese con el número que se encuentra en el reverso de su tarjeta para averiguar el reembolso. Usted será responsable de la tarifa completa en el momento de la cita y puedo proporcionarle una factura para que la envíe al seguro para obtener un reembolso.

Si no tiene seguro, comuníquese con nosotros acerca de nuestra tarifa. Envíenos una nota a

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